As mentioned on the home page I am a mother of 2 currently working full time and trying to balance that with all the other things I want to do with my spare time.

All joking aside though I do like to cook, bake, do crafts with the kids, I do find it funny though how expectations can be made by looking at other blogs and post from all over the world and how perfect that other peoples lives look when viewed from afar.

When trying to do anything with my kids I usually end up covered in something sticky , slightly stressed out and wishing I’d never started in the first place.

We do have some good fun in the process though and I think that is the whole point of this site, I want to share the fact that life isn’t always perfect and despite the fact that many of us like to present this image of perfection over social media, it just ain’t like that!

Anyway I hope you enjoy my future blogs, videos and photos, please let me know what you think.