Lollies for Breakfast anyone!!!!!!!

So since we’ve had lollies in the freezer my kids have gone nuts for them, they barely want to eat anything else.


This is obviously not a good thing right! Sugary frozen snacks aren’t the most nutritious thing you can give your little monkeys for breakfast!


Well …….. Maybe they are!!!!


What! I here you say, healthy lollies.


Yes you got it, I decided to make my own that are packed with yummy goodness and guild free for parents to hand over…….. Even at breakfast time!!!!!


It’s actually a smoothie recipe I make but it make fab lollies.


You’ll need some plastic lolly pop makers, I got mine from home bargains for £1 each. This recipe makes enough for 8 lollies, with a bit left over for a small smoothie……. Yum.


You’ll need:

Half a fresh pineapple (tinned is ok as long as it’s sugar and syrup free)

1 tin coconut milk (get it in the world food aisle of the super market it’s cheaper!)

2 bananas

2 big handfuls of spinach (yes spinach!)


Blitz it all up in a blender until really smooth, it normally takes a couple of minutes to make sure the spinach has properly disappeared, we don’t want those little one’s spotting any leaves do we!!!!!!?


Pour into lolly makers, leave overnight.


And hey presto, bobs your uncle you have super healthy lollies you can dish out for breakfast!!!!


Just a quick tip, to get the lollies out easily once frozen. Put the lolly maker in hot water for a few seconds before trying to pull them out.


Hope you and your little ones enjoy, let me know in the comments if you like.


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