I want my blog to look prettier!!!!! (Strop)

Ok, so I have set up my blog so that I can tweet about it, link to facebook etc…. which is great.

But, do I really know what I’m doing with it? I think the answer to that is a big fat NO! I have been playing around with the format and have various things and still have issues that I can’t seem to resolve.

My short moan about is not aimed at WordPress, I think it’s great that I can set up a blog site for free!!! I love WordPress.

The comment is aimed at me for obviously missing the point, I’m a bit of a perfectionist and have a clear idea in my head of exactly what I want this site to look like. I want lot’s of photos that I haven’t got and pretty font and stuff.

I want to have different pages for each category of blog for example, but then why do I need that when if people wish to read any particular category, they can just select it from a drop down box!!!!

And I’m sure most people who find their way onto this site have done so because they have clicked on one of the many links I have placed all over the stratosphere anyway!

Another thing I want to do it put text and pics exactly where I want them on the page!!! I know I can do this if I update to the premium package, I’m just being tight ;-).

I know these things are obviously not as important as ‘THE CONTENT’ of the blog (der), but they are things that are important to me! I want my blog site to be pretty and cool like the other ones I look at and aspire to.

(I also want to be a funny and engaging blog writer, which is a subject I’ll save for another blog.)


………And breathe……….


That’s better!

Now, after actually putting this short strop into words, it has helped me a great deal. I can clearly see that I have everything mixed up!!

The little voice in my head says

‘Concentrate on your blog content sweety, and you’ll be fine’

and I whole heartedly nod in agreement! (Though obviously not this blog, this one’s all over the shop!!!)

P.S. I’m not mad, so don’t listen if anyone tells you I am!!!!!



2 thoughts on “I want my blog to look prettier!!!!! (Strop)

  1. To Arizona......and beyond says:

    Haha, I love this! I have conversations with myself like this all time, it definitely helps writing it out! I also have the same grand ideas about how my blog looks but I lack the technical knowledge to make it happen…I only joined Twitter a few weeks ago, I’m quite the techno-novice! You’re right concentrate on writing content you enjoy and the rest will hopefully follow!

    Liked by 1 person

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