My 3 year old naturist…..

I get that feeling of dread every time I try to get my little boy dressed, it’s the same every morning! Just a constant battle to try and convince, bribe or wrestle my 3 year old into clothes!

It’s such a basic thing to do and we do it every single day, so why do we still have this battle?

He is never happier than when he’s just milling around the house naked. Which is fine! I don’t mind if that’s how he’s comfortable. But when we do need to venture out of the house it’s frankly 

‘not so great’. 

The actual act of getting dressed is a battle of wills and strategy, if you don’t plan well, you will be defeated!!!!  

He generally ends up running round the house in his pants with one sock on. If he really wants to make things tricky he tries undressing himself again in the process!!

I try and be strict and say in a very serious voice ‘come on, we have to get dressed, everyone else has their clothes on!’ He just smiles and replies

 ‘I don’t want to mummy, I don’t have to’. 

So when nearly 45 minutes has passed, we’ve had tears and running round and mummy tearing her hair out. And we’ve done it! We’re finally dressed! (I’m sure I can hear angels singing or some kind of triumphant music like on a film)

I have triumphed in the battle of wills, I feel a sense of achievement and pride!!!

Then we go out, have fun, do normal stuff, with our clothes ON!!!!

We nip home for some lunch before we venture out again. I prepare a sandwich, get some drinks. 

‘Lunch is ready’ I call. 

In runs my little boy……… 

Completely stark naked!!!!!!
And so it begins………again!!!!!


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