A short rant about my breasts!

Well, I never thought i would hear myself utter these words, but my breasts are just too big now!!!!

I have always been adequately endowed in the chest area, even after I had my first son I was still fairly normally endowed.

I always thought I would love to have bigger breast, especially when one of my friends moaned about hers!! I thought she was mad, I though ‘How can you not want bigger breast!’

But after the birth of my second son, mine just seemed to keep expanding!!! Even after I stopped breast feeding.

How can this be?

It’s not like I’ve piled the weight on, I’m still only one size bigger than I was before I started having kids. And at 40 now I feel fairly lucky to be in the shape I’m in.

But I do not want my boobs to grow anymore!!! My LO is 11 months old now and it needs to stop!

I can’t fit into any of my blouses and the buttons keep popping off my coats!!!

And obviously my other half can’t understand what the problem is haha!

So I thought I’d write a poem about them:


My Big Boobs


My big boobs do wobble

at first it was quite novel!

But now their huge and bulging out

To find a bra now’s no doddle


My big boobs are huge

I can’t do downhill luge!

I not as streamlined as I used to be

I’d hate to be in a centrifuge


My big boobs aren’t bad

especially if you ask a lad

well their part of me, so I can see

they’re really not just a fad!





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