Top 10 Rainy Day Activities for young children

It’s sunday and … oh no, its raining cats and dogs.

We had planned to go to the park for a picnic, but somehow that doesn’t seem like it would be much fun now!!!!

Don’t get me wrong, we love a good splash round in the rain, puddle jumping etc, but this is proper rain, you know. The type when you just run to car to get something and end up drenched.

Anyway on these kind of days I always sit and rack my brains or search the internet (if I get 5 mins) to find some stuff to do. It’s quite awkward at the minute, as my oldest son is 3 and a half and my youngest is a couple of weeks off his first birthday. It’s hard to find things to do that they can both participate in and that will keep them both busy and interested.

I find that any activity we do only usually holds everyone’s attention for about half an hour max!!! So I try not to spend too much time getting stuff together, otherwise they just end up getting bored and wrecking the joint.

Anyway let’s just get on with the list, you don’t want to listen to me banging on all day!!

Top 10 Rainy Day Ideas

  1. Make your own playtime dough 

I like to make a few different colours and using ingredients that won’t harm anyone if they happen to chew it a bit.

What you’ll need:

Plain flour, vegetable oil, salt and food colouring

I usually use about 1 and a half cups of flour, 1 tbsp oil and 5 or 6 generous drops of colouring. I also put a tsp of salt in but just to put people of eating it really.

Wack it in a bowl sqwush it all up with your hands (at this point the kids can get involved as well) it may seem a bit sticky at times but keep sqwushing and it’ll be fine, I promise.

2. Cutting stuff out.

My three year old loves cutting things out, especially out of train magazines (which I usually pick up second-hand for next to nothing or free!)

So, we can spend a good half hour cutting stuff out ready for the next activity on the list.

We also love to cut shape out of craft foam, if we happen to have some in. We’ve made all sorts with this from my son’s names, train shapes to stick on the wall. (you can probably see a train theme developing here!! My oldest is a train NUT)

3. Sticking stuff together

I have found since having my kids and also having their little friends over that they just love sticking stuff, whether they are 4 or 1 they still enjoy the activity.

As long as you have some PVA glue or a glue stick that you can do loads of different things.

As mentioned above we cut stuff out of magazines to make our own collage pictures, we stick anything we can get our hands on. We’ve made rockets out of tin foil with rolled up loo roll for the stars.

4. Obstacle course

Now the things I’ve mentioned so far are pretty calm activities so we also need stuff to do that will burn off that excess energy.

We like to make a course that we try to race through (obviously my nearly one year old doesn’t quite understand, but he still chases after us and feels the fun!)

We do anything, from setting up cushion stepping-stones that we jump over (without touching the carpet, that’s the river!) to having to get through a hula hoop or run or get under a blanket. Pushing each other around in the washing basket is also a favourite! It’s great fun and will definitely wear them out (and you lol)


5. Make a den (my favourite)

Making a den can be done out of any old thing, the easiest one we do is simply 4 dining chairs (2 on each side) covered with a big blanket or throw.

6. Baking!!!

Ok so probably not technically baking, but I always try to keep some cooking chocolate in the cupboard just in case.

One of the easiest things we make if rice crispy chocolate crunchy, this can be in one big tray to cut up or in fairy cake case. It doesn’t matter everyone loves making them just as much as eating them. My three year old can pretty much make these on his own now (apart from melting the chocolate!)

And I find any type of baking keeps my kids busy, my youngest is usually happy with and empty bowl and wooden spoon.

7. Painting

I don’t think this needs further explanation….. we do however keep a stock of plain white paper plates to use for painting and sticking stuff too.

This just seems to keep things a bit cleaner!!! Only a little bit though!!

8. House work

Haha no I’m not completely mental, my kids love helping with the housework, I use the term ‘helping’ very loosely lol.

If I want to mop the kitchen floor I have 2 toy mops that each of my kids can use to help, they also love dusting and generally splashing around with water to wipe things.

Now I’m not saying it’ll be clean when you’ve finished, but it WILL keep them busy 😉


9. Hide and Seek

We love hide and seek, although my son’s don’t really understand how to play this yet.

If I walk into a room and shout ‘Is anyone hiding in here’ my son shouts back ‘Yes’ and giggles!

Still great fun though.

10. Indoor Treasure Hunt

I love this one, the treasure we look for is usually chocolate but we do use my old costume jewellery sometimes. We put is all over the place, in toy boxes, draws and sometimes just in plain site.

This ones great fun and again involves burning energy which is great when your stuck indoors.

On nice days we also do this one in the garden or at the park (at the park is trickier as I need to stay one step ahead of everyone!).


Well thats my top ten, please leave a comment with yours and I’ll do a round up in another blog.

Oh and I think I put ‘my favourite’ twice, but I just love them all so much!!!



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