Techno kids?!?

So wind back to being pregnant with my oldest son (he’s now three and a half) and I was completely adamant that technology would not play a role in our everyday lives as a family. 
We were living on a farm in Cornwall at the time. Living the dream!!! We had chickens and were fattening a couple of turkeys up for Christmas.
Sounds great, but in reality we had no central heating and a leaky roof with very little money to fix it all (haha). We couldn’t afford all the latest tech anyway!!!
Fast forward to now, living in Leeds back working as a project manager in the city centre. Busy lives, lots more hustle and bustle (I’ve never been quite sure what bustle is?) everything is faster paced, more stuff to fit into what seems like much less time. 
With all of this in mind, sometimes we do turn to tech to allow us to get stuff done, I know I know, I’m a horrible parent right????
This is the preconception I had before actually having children, and truly realising the extent of the task in hand (raising children, and doing a good job of it). 
Now I’m not so sure, my son now uses tech for all sorts, we have a smart tv, iPad,laptop,smartphones etc and various other bits of tech designed to entertain. 
Of course, I would hate my sons to be permanently glued to any of these things, but if we didn’t use them, how would we get stuff done?
I mean the normal everyday stuff like housework, personal hygiene!
So does this make me a bad mum, just because I use the iPad as a ten minute distraction to get some stuff done????
I don’t think it does, I think the main thing is to stick to the old adage ‘everything in moderation’. My three year old has some fantastic educational games on the iPad. 
Games that teach you to count, learn the alphabet, hand eye coordination all sorts of good stuff. 
And more to the point he’s knows how to use most things better than I do!!

He also loves a good bike ride!!

Maybe not such a techno kid after all



3 thoughts on “Techno kids?!?

  1. Mums diary blog says:

    When my son is with the iPad on his hands he forgets every around him , he doesn’t speak or even listen to anyone , I normally say that his in an electronic coma .😵

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