Dishwasher circuit training?!?

Loading the dishwasher seems like an easy job right? 

And I can already hear the distant sighs of everyone with no dish washer. (This would have been me a few months ago haha)

However this seemingly easy job becomes some kind of circuit training session when my eleven month old is involved! 
He likes to sit on the open door you see,


and also try and grab anything sharp and potentially lethal. 

So, when loading the dishwasher I have to break it down into mini circuits. 

Allow me to expand:

Grab baby, 

place baby at least 10 metres away from dishwasher, 

sprint back to dishwasher, 

Frantically load as many items as possible,

Re-grab baby

Complete 10 reps,

 job done!!!! If your lucky. 

It’s great exercise, I would recommend this as a multitasking time saver for all busy parents. 


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