Hellooooo Fresh

OK so I don’t normally go for this type of thing………..and by this type of thing I mean cool company, endorsed by Jamie Oliver and costing more than I would normally budget for family meals for the week.

The only reason I really put my first order in was I had discount voucher… I know, you don’t have to say it, I know I’m tight. I have a budget to stick to!!!!

So armed with my £20 off I venture onto the Hello Fresh website, which is fab, it’s all green and fresh looking like its exuding healthy vibes at you before you even order.

There are a number of different boxes you can order including a vegetarian option and trail box, I opted for the family box (as I have a family, seems obvious don’t it). Then I selected 3 of the various recipes than were available, I think about six to choose from but there could have been more.

At this point I must mention that Hello Fresh have all kinds of options available including recipes for specific dietary requirements and different sized packages depending on the amount of people consuming each meal. There really does seem to be something for everyone.

So back to me…… um, I mean my box. I had to wait nearly two weeks for it to arrive (I hate waiting for stuff), you order ahead to allow Hello Fresh to source great quality ingredients and deliver them fresh to your door. I’m not sure if it’s always that long or just the timing of my order. You can also select from different days you would like to receive your delivery.


Now for the exciting part!

My box arrived woo hoo… I had completely forgotten I’d ordered it until I got an e-mail from Yodel saying my parcel from Hello Fresh was on the way, luckily my baby daddy was home to receive it.

Sadly I didn’t get a pic of the box in all its glory! It was all put away when I got home from work, I did however have a fantastic sweet and sour pork dish with bulgar wheat on the table that my baby daddy had prepared.


Now my other half is a perfectly good cook, and can knock up a mean stew or even a roast but doesn’t generally create meals of this complexity. When I asked if it was easy, he replied “yes, piece of cake” (or maybe another word instead of cake!).

Now I can’t wait to have a go at one of the recipes, all the products look so great, our fridge looks healthy and fresh and most importantly a lot of the ingredients come in really cute little containers that are JUST ADORABLE.

YES!!!!!!… finally the day has arrived for me to do a Hello Fresh recipe; I have been looking forward to it as it looks such an organised way to cook. You pretty much have all your ingredients already measured out for you and just have to do some chopping and reading of the recipe card.

While we are on the subject, the recipe cards are fabulous. They have a picture of how your meal should look once prepared, ingredients list, instructions and then at the bottom (just in case you have new ingredients you’ve never used) you have little pictures of all the ingredients you need for the dish! What a brilliant idea!


My choice of recipe was ‘Treat Day Cheesy Tomato, Chorizo and Mozzarella Orzo Risotto’

So I very easily grabbed all my ingredients and started following the cooking instructions, before I knew it my kitchen smelt lovely and my family where hovering around me waiting for the food to be presented.

The recipe card was fantastically easy to follow and the timings you are given all fit together well.

30 minutes (pretty much on the dot) after starting our meal is served. (The pics looks pretty much like the recipe card too, bonus ha ha)

Just as with the first dish, it tastes AMAZING, I’d happily eat this in a restaurant. My baby daddy and kids woof it down as well.

This is no mean feat for my three year old as he is so fussy! He has though eaten every Hello Fresh meal I have put in front of him so far.

So to round up, I am very impressed, even for the price I think this a great idea and will continue with my weekly subscription (just another note, it is a flexible subscription and can be paused until you want your next order) I have also been impressed by the portion sizes which are more that generous.


I think it’s awesome, I don’t need to plan or shop, it just arrives on my doorstep and gets cooked.

Super awesome idea, I love it.


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