Bad Night Lovely Day

Woke up this morning feeling groggy, off to work I go. My youngest boy (11 months old) who I affectionately call ‘smelly bum’ actually had a good nights sleep last night. It was the first time in ages he’s slept through but for some reason I still seem to wake up every couple of hours!

Im not sure why but it’s extremely annoying! If everyone else is sleeping through then why aren’t I?

I started to muse a bit over if this was just a permanent state of affairs now, am I stuck in a cycle of just waking up every 5 minutes. Is this just a never ending state brought on by having young children.  

Will I ever get a full nights sleep again!

After my morning coffee and pulling myself together with the thoughts of ‘I’ll miss this one day when they are teenagers and spend forever in bed’ I venture out to work. 

What a beautiful spring day it is birds singing, daffodils all around and fresh crisp air! 

On a lovely day like this I can’t help but think how lucky I actually am. 

Pulling together complete!


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