Proper grown up actually

Welcome, welcome. I am Tracey, I am mother to two lovely boys aged 3 and 1 and have a great partner. I think we live a fairly standard life, always striving to get better stuff , do better thinks, be better versions of ourselves (I say with my tongue firmly in my cheek!).


I am a self confessed addict of the internet and all things housey, organisationy, mumsy, cookery-ey! I am constantly trawling sites such as Pinterest, Netmums, YouTube etc to try and find and do things that will improve me, my family and my surroundings. I recently started to think that as much as a love looking at all this, it does make me feel like I just need more and more and more and more……… it’s never ending!

I am also a huge blog addict which is what promted me to start my own.

So I thought I would share, it can’t be just me who is addicted to pinning stuff in the hope that one day I might get round to doing it or going there or learning to do something new.

And I have to be completely honest now, it’s confession time…….. please don’t tell anyone ssssshhhhh.

I don’t think I ever look at any of the stuff I’ve pinned (dun dun daaaaa, dramatic music!)

Anyway, that’s a little something about me, I hope you enjoy my blog and related content please please comment if you like (or even if you don’t like for that matter ;-)).